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Alex's Grandma Hall was his biggest fan.  She came to as many of his performances as possible, and always called to hear about the ones that she could not attend. 
His grandmother passed away in February 2005 from cancer. 
Alex's first CD, "Remember,"  is a dedication to his grandmother.  The first story on the CD, entitled "Remembering Grandma" is a collection of his memories of her.
The CDs are $10.00 each.  Alex donates all the money he earns to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  So far, he has raised over $5,400 for cancer research.  He pays for the production and duplication of the CDs out of the money he earns from various storytelling and acting events.
The CD is partially autobiographical, with selections written by Alex and his mother about his grandmother and his ancestor Alexander Adamson (who Alex was named after).  It also contains a story from a popular children's book, a Scottish folk tale, and a traditional Choctaw tale.
If you are interested in buying a CD, e-mail Alex's mother at  Checks can be made out to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. 

1) "Remembering Grandma" by Torri Bowcut
2) "Pecans in the Cemetery" adapted for storytelling by Amary Sox
3) "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!" by Jon Sciezka
4) "Alexander Adamson" by Torri Bowcut
5) "One Wish" adapted for storytelling by David Holt
6) "Crossing Bok Chitto" by Tim Tingle

"Just Words"
1) Dedication
2) 3D Boys
3) My Cat's 3 Lives
4) Grandpa
5) The Dancing Skeleton, by Cynthis DeFelice
6) Just Words


Just Words
Alex's second storytelling CD, "Just Words" debuted on 09/21/2007 at Vernal, Utah's Indian Summer Storytelling Festival.  While his first CD was dedicated to his Grandma Hall, this CD is dedicated to his grandfather, who goes on living.  It also contains four personal stories and one southern folktale. 
This CD is $10.00, and (just like his first CD) all proceeds are donated to Huntsman Cancer Foundation. 
If you are interested in buying a CD, "Just Words" can be purchased at, or just e-mail Alex's mother at  Checks can be made out to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.