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What's New!

Alex's donations to Huntsman Cancer exceeded $5,000 as of today.  KSL featured Alex and his dedication to fundraising on the 10:00 news.

11/01/07: Every year the Utah Philanthropy Day Committee honors six individuals or organizations for their ongoing dedication to philanthropic service. One of the six categories of awards is reserved for a youth under the age of 21.  This year, Alex was honored to be the recipient of the Outstanding Young Volunteer Award, given to him for his dedication to raising funds and awareness for cancer research at the Hunstman Cancer Foundation, Salt Lake City, Utah.  For the past two years Alex has worked in collaboration with Ray Olson and Lori Kun of Hunstman.  To date he has raised and donated over $5,000 through the sales of his two CDs. 
09/21/07: Alex's new CD "Just Words" is currently available for purchase at 

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